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Massage Equipment

Electronic Massage Equipment & Massage Chairs in Rogers, Minnesota

Nothing will make you feel better than a soothing massage in a massage chair. Check out our complete line of electronic massage equipment from Niagara Prestige Comfort Products in Rogers, Minnesota.
Massage Chairs
Are you ready for total relaxation? Do you want your aches and pains to melt away? Try the Air-Med® massage chair for unbelievable relaxation and massaging of tired muscles. This is an advanced acupressure point auto search system massage chair.
When you sit in the chair it scans the body to determine where your acupressure points are. It offers full leg and foot massage with radiant heat. This is a full function body massage chair. Match the decor of your room by choosing from any of the 12 different chair colors. 
Roller Max™
This is the best portable multi-functional rolling massager with rolling and kneading functions on the market. Massage chair can be used on your neck, back, legs, hands, feet, and arms. Get relief from planter fasciitis, neck pain, and knotted muscle tissue. Cramps or Charlie horses in your calf will disappear. The deep tissue massage helps with carpel tunnel and sciatic pain. The Roller Max™ come with a full 2-year warranty.
Experience the professional osolating massage of the ProMax™ massager from Niagara Prestige Comfort Products. It can isolate any part of the body with the help of another person. This aids in blood circulating and stimulating muscle relaxation.

Now you can experience pain relief at home when you need it without having the trouble of making an appointment with a chiropractor or massage therapist.
Massage, Massage Chairs in Rogers, MN
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